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Mogas Locations in the United States


Use the Fuel Stop Planner at AirNav to find the best places to fuel on your next flight.
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Find fuel stations that sell ethanol-free gasoline in the United States and Canada.
View the Pure-Gas website to find locations.
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Marathon Oil Company is marketing a 90 and sometimes 91 AKI unleaded non-ethanol gasoline. This fuel perfectly suited for use with 87 octane auto fuel STCs at terminals in Florida, Michigan, or Georgia. Contact the terminals to find out where this "Recreational Fuel" is being distributed since not all Marathon stations are carrying it.

Fly Unleaded

Find the locations of airports and distrubutors of Ethanol free Mogas in the United States.
View a list of Mogas airports in the United States
View a list of Mogas distributors in the United States
Use the map below to view the location of Mogas airports in the United States. This map comes courtesy of Fly Unleaded.


Autogas enjoys great popularity in numerous countries and territories outside the United States. It is easy to find autogas at airports across Europe, Australia, Hong Kong, India, Philippines, the Republic of Macedonia, South Korea, Serbia, and Turkey.