Auto Fuel STC

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Petersen Aviation Auto Fuel STC

Anti-Detonant Injection

What is ADI? Written by Todd L. Petersen of Petersen Aviation.

ADI may be used for either of two purposes: To make possible significant burst of power when using high octane gasoline (100/130 for example), or it may be used instead to make up for an octane deficit and allow 91 AKI in engines designed for 100 or higher octane. ADI stops detonation.

View a paper on Anti-Detonation Injection (ADI).

In the late 1980s, Todd Petersen at Petersen Aviation Inc. sought and received Auto Fuel STCs for ADI Systems on the Cessna 188, 210, and Beech Baron, which allowed operation of these aircraft using 91 AKI automotive gasoline. Today, Petersen Aviation's ADI STCs are being handled by Inpulse, a division of  Air Plains Services Corporation in Wellington, Kansas.

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