Auto Fuel STC

Approved for 48 engine types and 100+ airframes

Petersen Aviation Auto Fuel STC

Swift Fuels UL94

STC's are now available for UL94 produced in accordance with ASTM D-7547. D-7547 is a specification for unleaded aviation fuel with a minimum MON rating of 91. STC SA001757WI is an airframe STC held by Petersen Aviation, Inc. This STC is specifically intended for use with UL94 produced by Swift Fuels.

A great many airplanes are approved via this STC. A complete list is to be found at Swift's website here

STC SA001757WI must be ordered via the Swift website.

Your order will be processed and shipped by Petersen Aviation, with the corporate seal of Petersen Aviation embossed on each sheet. If your STC does not show the corporate seal, it is invalid.

For questions, please call or write to Petersen Aviation: or 308-832-2200.
Or contact Swift Fuels here.

Check out the map below...

to see where UL94 is being sold around the country!

Map courtesy of Swift Fuels