Auto Fuel STC

Approved for 48 engine types and 100+ airframes

Petersen Aviation Auto Fuel STC

Piper PA 28-160 through181

  • Auto Fuel STCs for PA-28-140, -150, -151, -235 do not require changes to the fuel pumps or plumbing and are priced based on horsepower. However if any of those models have been modified to the 160 or 180hp engines they then require the same mods as the PA-28-160, -161, -180, -181. Furthermore, if the exhaust exits aft, then they will also require relocation of the exhaust system to exit forward, by the nose gear.
  • Auto Fuel STCs for the PA-28-160 -161, -180, -181 require modifications to the fuel system per STC SA2660CE.
  • The Warrior II, Archer II and the 24 volt Warrior III and Archer III series are approved via STC SA2660CE for the use of 91 octane (minimum) automotive fuel. Piper Cadets are included; however, the Piper Arrow is not.

The fuel system modification for PA-28's consists of minor fuel system modifications aft of the firewall and a totally redesigned fuel system forward of the firewall. The Piper installed electric pump is removed and replaced with a pair of redundant electric fuel pumps. You may run one pump or the other. When properly wired, it is impossible to run both pumps at the same time. The FMS calls for one of the pumps to be activated for taxi, takeoff, climb, landing, and again for taxi. You may run them in cruise if you wish, but it's not necessary to do so. The fuel system plumbing forward of the firewall consists of steel and stainless steel tubing and fittings. The tubing is bent to shape in our shop and comes to you attached to the pumps as an assembly ready to be tightened up and mounted on the firewall when you receive it.

The Warrior III and Archer III are now approved using 24 volt pumps and sell for the same price as 12 volt systems.

If your airplane uses an electrical priming system, you will still be using it, but the procedure for doing so will be slightly different. Installation of this STC, SA2660CE takes between six and eight hours.


STC SA2660CE applies to the following aircraft serial numbers:

Cherokee, PA-28-160, PA-28-180
28-1761 thru 28-5859
28-7105001 thru 28-7505261

Warrior II/Cadet PA-28-161
28-7716002 thru 28-8616057
2816001 thru 2816105
(Except 2816066)
2841001 thru 2841364
(Except 2841351 thru 2841359)

Archer II PA-28-181
28-7690001 thru 28-8690056
2890001 thru 2890205

Warrior III, PA-28-161
2816110 and on
2842001 thru 2842108
2842109 and on

Archer III, PA-28-181
2890206 and on
2843001 thru 2843414
2843203 and on