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Auto Fuel STCs

Two STCs are always necessary, one for the engine and another for the airframe.
If your engine or airframe is not listed, please call us at 308-832-2200 for assistance. Prices are higher in Europe. This is necessary in order to compensate those in Europe who paid for European validation.


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87 Octane Minimum    Horsepower: 0 x $1.50 = $0.00

91 Octane Minimum    Horsepower: 0 x $2.00 = $0.00


Has your engine been upgraded to 160hp?

Since your airframe has two engines, you will need an STC for each engine.


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0-540-F1B5 (Derated for Robinson)
0-320 Series (Derated for Robinson)
0-360 Series (Derated for Robinson)

Petersen Aviation, Inc. does not hold the airframe STC for the Robinson. We make the engine STC available but to purchase an airframe STC for the Robinson, you will have to contact Howard Fuller at

$2,995 | PA-28-160, -161, -180, -181

 12 Volt

 24 Volt - Electrically Primed

 24 Volt - Manually Primed


Engine Serial #:

Airframe Serial #:


Aircraft Registration #:

Number of Fuel Filler Openings: 

Replacement Placards

Placards are already included with all new STCs.

Quantity:   Engine Placards $10 each

Quantity:   Fuel Placards $17.50 pair

Please provide us with one of the following pieces of information:

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Airframe Serial #:

Red # from STC Documents:

Engine Model Number:

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Ethanol Fuel Tester

Quantity:   Ethanol Fuel Tester $17.50

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Please refer to Transport Canada document TP10737 for complete instructions regarding the use of auto fuel in Canada. Transport requires a specific cockpit placard that is not required by the FAA. We have these placards available and include them in all orders sent to Canada.


Prices in Europe are higher than in the US. This is because a great deal of expense was incurred in order to obtain acceptance of our STC's first by LBA and then EASA. FAA does not charge for these services, EASA does. For a quote on STC's in Europe please contact Vliegwerk Holland.

The European spec EN228 has been found to be substantially similar to ASTM D-4814. A great many Auto Fuel STCs have been sold throughout Europe where the disparity in fuel prices between avgas and auto gas is much greater than in the US. Auto gas is available at many airports in Europe. To order STCs for use in Continental Europe, please contact our rep, Vliegwerk Holland BV


To order STCs in Australia, contact:
Dr. RJ Hodges
PO Box 84
Australia 3842


Para obtener STC para el uso en Argentina y el resto de Sudamerica escribe por favor directamente al Petersen Aviation, Inc. Para obtener un STC para el uso en Argentina y el resto de Sudamerica, por favor escriba directamente a Petersen Aviation, Inc. El precio del STC es $1.50 US por caballo. Si usted desea ordenar un STC, Haga clic aqui. El precio del transporte por Global Express Post es $30 (US). Via Priority Mail es $15 (US).


For info on STC's and using autofuel in Sub-Saharan Africa contact: Hartog Blok
HAB Aviation Consulting CC
PO Box 41
Great Brak River, 6525
South Africa
Mobile: +27 83 261 6300

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